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Future technology innovation driven by and for emergent users. Open-source toolkits of hardware, software and methods for anyone, anywhere to use and build upon.


All of the technologies developed are open-source, available to freely download, use and adapt as part of the following toolkits

Digital Inclusion

The Digital Inclusion Toolkit is a combination of innovation methods and open-source, future-looking digital and mobile tools created with and for currently under-served users in diverse communities in India, Kenya and South Africa.

The Toolkit is made up of the following elements:

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Better Together

The Better Together Toolkit is an open-source mobile architecture that helps separate complex apps and services over multiple devices. Its plugin-based framework allows simple integration with existing platforms, supporting local sharing of both interaction and resources.

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PickCells is a demonstration of physically reconfigurable touchscreens made of individual interactive cells. The PickCells Toolkit includes hardware and software sources and documentation to get you started in making your own cell-composed touchscreens.

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Demonstration apps


TechFest, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

S01, International Exhibitions

3rd – 5th January 2020

TechFest Map

Come and try a range of technology demonstrations at TechFest 2020. Our stand has a range of hands-on exhibits each day, and there are also other demonstration installations of our StreetWise system placed around the IIT Bombay campus. See the map below for locations.

TechFest exhibit map
Hands-on Demonstrations
StreetWise: public smart speakers
Chameleon: mobiles that can disappear
Better Together: collaborative mobile interfaces
Sustainabot: robotic mini printer
Emergeables: deformable interactive surfaces